Almost all general hospitals in Belgium use the AssurCard system. This guarantees hospitals that their invoices will be paid within 30 days. 

Affiliating as hospital

Affiliation with the AssurCard system is free of charge.

Almost all general hospitals in Belgium use the AssurCard system. This guarantees hospitals that their invoices will be paid within 30 days.

The power of a third party payer system for supplementary hospitalisation insurance is closely related to the number of hospitals prepared to offer this kind of service. For this reason, AssurCard strives to work with as many hospitals as possible.

The role of AssurCard

At the request of a number of insurance companies, AssurCard provides a third party payer system for supplementary hospitalisation insurance.

For this, we operate a platform that supports communication between:

  • patients and insurance companies
  • hospitals and insurance companies

The ultimate goal is sending the invoices for accepted admissions directly to the insurance companies. They handle the payments on behalf of the patients.

We distinguish three steps

  • The patient announces his or her hospitalisation (with possible acceptance by the insurance company)
  • The hospital confirms the admission using our admission application
  • The hospital sends the (electronic) invoices to the insurance company

AssurCard maintains the greatest possible separation of contacts between patients and insurance companies (claim filing and acceptance) and those between patients and hospitals.

Kiosk in the hospital

AssurCard offers each affiliated hospital the possibility to have one kiosk per site installed free of charge. Some insurers use this channel to make it possible for patients to file a claim. This makes it possible for patients to contact their insurance companies at any time of the day.

Some companies also allow the claim to be filed by Internet or telephone.

Electronic invoices

To accelerate payment, AssurCard provides you with a free, user-friendly application that creates electronic invoices based on the magnetic tape file standard. This application selects the invoice data and prepares it for electronic transmission, making it possible for insurance companies to handle the invoices faster.

AssurCard is subject to the Privacy Act, hence the electronic invoices are depersonalised using encryption.

Your point of contact

The development of a common platform makes it possible to work with multiple insurers using a single procedure. You conclude a cooperation agreement with AssurCard, and thus do not need to consult separately with each insurance company.

We are also your point of contact for practical questions, operational problems or suggestions for improving existing procedures.

Patients looking for information on what their insurance policy covers can be referred directly to their insurance company. This third party payer system after all is linked to a policy concluded between patients and their insurance companies.

Only the insurance companies can take a decision concerning the awarding of a card or whether invoices are eligible for payment. AssurCard has nothing to say here.

More information

For more information about the policy of a specific insurance company, please contact this company directly. The correct information per insurance company can be found here.