Here you will find the questions most frequently asked by hospitals concerning AssurCard.

The third party payer system is a guaranteed payment system. The insurer advances the patient's hospitalisation costs and pays the invoices directly to the hospital.

This guarantees the hospital payment of the full hospital bill within 30 days.

Possible uninsured costs incurred (exemption, certain supplements, telephone costs) are recovered by the insurer from the patient.

The AssurCard is a personal card. For this reason, it is principally the task of the cardholder to file a claim with his or her insurance company.

However, this is not possible in some cases, when a child is being admitted or if the cardholder is incapable of doing so (unconscious…). In this case, a guardian may also file the claim.

The AssurCard contains no password or PIN; the information on the card is sufficient.

Please note: the cardholder remains responsible for the claim and its content.

When patients present their AssurCard, they are implicitly requesting that the admission be handled electronically.

The AssurCard contains the patient's name, first name, date of birth, gender and card number. Enter this card number, the admission date and the unique number that your system assigns to this admission via the AssurCard web application. This registers the admission and you will receive the insurer's decision (green or red light) online.

Only if the system indicates a payment guarantee (green light), will the insurance company pay the invoice directly to the hospital. You can then immediately modify the billing address for correct sending of the invoices (see below for an explanation).

Green: the insurer has agreed to full payment of the patient invoice. This means that you can send the patient invoice to the insurance company. You are not required to request an advance payment.

Red: the patient is not entitled to use the third party payer system. You must follow your normal billing procedure. If patients have questions in this regard, have them contact their insurance company.

In the case of a "green" admission:

  • You invoice electronically: the file with all of your invoices is sent to the insurance companies in question via the AssurCard system.
  • You use traditional paper invoicing: then change the billing address to that of the insurance company in question.

In the case of a "red" admission: fill in the patient's information and follow your normal invoicing procedure (including the request for an advance payment).

If when registering, the patient has not yet filed a claim, then advise him/her to do so as quickly as possible. Depending on the insurance company, the claim can be filed via the kiosk in the hospital, via internet or by telephone.

The installation of a kiosk is not obligatory. However, many patients could make use of the kiosk to file their claims. We strongly advise you to install a kiosk.

AssurCard assumes all the costs of communication, telephone line, installation and maintenance.

To install the kiosk, we ask the hospital:

  • to install a working electrical outlet at the desired kiosk location
  • to extend the telephone line from the distribution box to the kiosk

Our helpdesk is always available to handle all technical problems (login problems, start-up problems, paper refilling…).

You can reach us by:

For general questions concerning AssurCard billing, contact your AssurCard Account Manager.

If your question concerns the payment or the content of specific invoices, please call 016 38 79 38 or via email

Contact your Account Manager for all questions concerning electronic billing of AssurCard cases.