AssurCard NV is a service company that facilitates the communication between the insurance sector and a number of medical service providers. In many cases, insurance companies, which increasingly are calling upon other organisations to meet their obligations to clients, are developing a network of partners to facilitate this.

Since changes in the market will force all insurance companies in the same direction sooner or later, multiple networks have been created that often include the same medical service providers. This necessitates substantial efforts on the part of both parties.

  • The insurance companies are required to set up, maintain and support the networks
  • The medical service providers must adapt to the procedures specific to each network

AssurCard NV acts as intermediary.

  • On the one hand, we give insurance companies the space required to follow their own procedures.
  • On the other hand, we strive for maximum uniformity with respect to the medical service providers. For them, there is only one procedure that applies to all insurance companies.

The goal of the collaboration between the medical service providers and insurance companies remains providing optimum services to the patient. And in many cases these are clients of both parties.

How did AssurCard come about?

Insurance covers unforeseen events that can harm the insured.

Traditionally, the service provided by insurance companies consisted of compensating clients for the damage suffered. In recent years, insurance companies no longer compensate only financial damage. They increasingly are attempting to help their clients via a range of services with added value.

In the search for new services to mitigate the unpleasantness of a loss, diverse insurance companies have concluded partnerships with service providers.

Their common objective is:

  • Increased certainty
  • Greater comfort
  • Providing even better service to the client

This type of service is a relatively recent phenomenon, but the client has quickly learned to appreciate it. However, both the setting up and the maintenance of such service networks demand significant investments. And precisely this need led to the birth of a new concept: AssurCard.

AssurCard NV

Several insurance companies established AssurCard NV in 2001. The intent was to establish and operate a computerised third party payer system.

The insurance companies decided that they needed to develop a concept to facilitate communication with their clients. Of course, without any arrangement concerning each other's policy on client relations, distribution, products or damage claim settlement. As insurance companies, they remain each other's competitors; but they work together to provide their services.