Here you will find the questions most frequently asked by patients concerning AssurCard and hospitalisation.

The third party payer system is a guaranteed payment system. Your insurance company will pay the hospital costs incurred by paying your invoice directly to the hospital. Your insurance company will later bill you directly for possible costs that are not covered by your policy (exemptions, telephone, certain supplemental fees).

Clicking on ‘affiliated hospitals’ will display the list of the affiliated hospitals.

We advise to file your claim as quickly as possible. If the admission is scheduled in advance, you can file the claim once you know the exact date of admission. If it concerns an emergency admission, file your claim as soon as possible. Of course, your care takes priority over everything else.

  1. Scan your card using the bar code reader or start the registration manually using the buttons on the touch screen
  2. Select your preferred language. Touch the screen with your finger on the desired language
  3. Confirm that you are using the card of the person being admitted
  4. Confirm that you agree to the procedures
  5. Confirm the selection of the proposed hospital (= the hospital where you are located) or select a different hospital. Confirmation will bring you to the next screen
  6. Enter the (expected) admission date
  7. Select the reason for your admission from the options proposed. Other questions can also be asked. Indicate your choice in each case
  8. Confirm the answers provided if this is requested
  9. Read your insurance company's instructions concerning the processing of the invoices. If required, remove printed documents from the slot under the touch screen
  10. Present your card to the hospital personnel when you are admitted. The hospital in turn must confirm your hospitalisation with your insurance company

If you enter a wrong date while answering the questions, use the back button to return to the previous screen and make the correction.

If you have finished answering the questions and later discover you entered a wrong date, contact your insurer to have the date corrected. This must be done before registering at the admissions desk.

If you enter a wrong reason for admission while answering the questions, use the back button to return to the previous screen and make the needed correction.

If you discover the mistake only after completing the entire procedure, contact your insurer to give the correct reason for admission. You must do this before registering with the admissions desk.

To identify yourself, you must communicate your name and personal card number. This number can be found at the lower left of your AssurCard. It consists of 15 characters.

Then communicate the name of the admitting hospital together with the scheduled date of admission.

Finally, the operator will ask you a number of medical questions (is it related to an illness, an accident …).

You will be told immediately if your insurer will cover the costs and will pay your invoice directly to the hospital.

For each affiliated Belgian hospital, depending on your insurance company, you can still file your claim via the kiosk in the hospital, via Internet or by telephone.

The AssurCard is a personal card. For this reason, it is principally the task of the cardholder to file a claim. In some cases, a guardian may file the claim, when admitting a child for example or if the cardholder is unable to do so (unconscious for example).

The card contains no password or PIN, so the information on the card is sufficient to file the claim.

Please note: the cardholder remains responsible for the claim and its content.

Contact your insurance company as quickly as possible. It will furnish you with a new card.

Green: your insurance company will cover the costs of your admission. If you present your card while registering at the admissions desk on the admission date, all of your invoices will be sent directly to your insurance company. You are not required to make an advance payment.

Red: your insurance company will not cover the costs. You are responsible for paying your hospital bill. The admissions desk personnel may ask you to make an advance payment to the hospital when you are admitted.

Your AssurCard contains your name, first name, date of birth and card number. The hospital enters the card number, the admission date and an admission number into the AssurCard system.

This procedure registers your actual admission. The hospital is informed of the decision of your insurer concerning coverage of the payment of your hospital invoices (green or red light).

Belgian law requires the hospital to inform you of the costs and who is covering these costs. The copy that you receive is for information purposes only. The original invoice is sent directly to your insurance company.