You're going to be hospitalised. Now what? Follow these steps and everything will happen as it should.

  1. Insurance cover
  2. File your claim
  3. Present your AssurCard

Step 1: Insurance cover

Contact your insurer if you have questions concerning what is covered by your policy.

Step 2: File your claim

  • Via the AssurCard kiosk in the hospital, which is a terminal available in almost all Belgian hospitals. 
  • Via Internet: you can also simply use this website to file a claim. 
  • By telephone: contact your insurer by telephone. After asking you a number of questions, he will be able to immediately say whether your hospital bill will be covered. 

Specific procedure for your insurer

After filing your claim, you will immediately see your insurer's decision.

Step 3: Present your AssurCard card

Present your AssurCard card when registering at the admissions desk at the hospital where you are being admitted.

Your AssurCard contains your name, first name, date of birth and card number. The hospital enters the card number, the admission date and an admission number into the AssurCard system. 

This procedure registers your actual admission. The hospital is informed of your insurer's decision concerning the payment of your hospital invoices (green or red light).