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Latest update: 16-11-2015

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Conditions of use App

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End User Terms and Conditions

1. General

Thank you for using the Assurcard App. The App is an initiative of Assurcard NV, with registered offices at Fonteinstraat 1A/301 3000 Leuven and enterprise number 0475.433.127 (“Assurcard”) in the framework of its third-party payment system with its insurers.

Downloading and/or using the App, the information therein and/or the services provided thereon, imply that you as the user are completely aware and informed about all these end user conditions and that you accept them entirely and without any reservation.

Assurcard can, at any time and without prior notice, change and/or update the contents and these conditions of the App. The amendments will be published with the use of the App and will automatically come into effect after publication.

2. Use of the App

The App is free, only meant for users/physical persons of 18 years and older and can only be used after these terms and conditions have been accepted.

This App can only be used if you, or the person you legally represent, provide the following things, and in so far as they are used together with this App: valid card or identification number of the insurer regarding the third-party payment system, and valid means of identification (e.g. ID-card or passport).

The App can be used on the various types of smartphones and tablets.

Using this App you can:

  • digitalise the physical cards which you/the people you legally represent have received from the insurer in order to make use of the third-party payment system in health care in accordance with the agreement entered into with the insurer to this end;
  • digitalise the card numbers and other identification data which you have received via text message or email from the insurer;
  • manually enter the card number and other identification details regarding the recipient of the third-party payment system in order to declare a hospitalisation via the means as provided by the insurer;
  • contact the health insurance provider involved via the means provided (a.o. call centre);
  • find hospitals which collaborate with Assurcard using a search engine (geographically, address, etc.) and save these as favourites in order to retrieve them easily;
  • look up documentation of the insurer or the hospital involved in, so far as they collaborate with Assurcard.

This App works as follows:

  • you download the App on your smartphone;
  • you use your smartphone to scan the physical card or the identification number of your insurer and/or you manually enter the identification details concerning the third-party payment system like the card number, name, date of birth and the name of the company which issued the card;
  • the physical card or identification number will now digitally appear on your smartphone with the card number and the other details you entered. This digital result can be shown in case of admission to a hospital, in order to be able to make use of the third-party payment system;

As a user of this App you only commit to digitalising the following cards or identification numbers of the insurer with the App, and to using the result for making the declaration for the third-party payment system:

  • those issued by your insurer, on which you own name is printed and on the condition that you have entered into a valid agreement with your insurer which allows you to make use of the third-party payment system;
  • those issued by your insurer, on which the name of the persons you legally represent is stated (either because you are their legal guardian – parents of their minor children or custodians – or because these people authorised you to act in their name and on their behalf to initialise the third-party payment system via the App, under the end user conditions as described here) and on condition that these people have entered into a valid agreement with their insurer which allows them to make use of the third-party payment system.

3. Intellectual property

The App, its structure as well as its contents, such as, but not limited to, wording, signs, databases, images, names, photos and software, are protected by intellectual property rights. Any direct or indirect violation on these rights is strictly prohibited. According to these conditions, Assurcard grants you, as the user/visitor, a non-transferrable, revocable, non exclusive, free, user right on all the intellectual property rights on the App to use it in Belgium, for free for the purpose of the App, pursuant to the exploitation methods described in these conditions, during the whole term of validity of your agreement with the insurer, to the extent as necessary to allow you to make use of the third-party payment system. No other rights are granted. It is, among others, forbidden to reproduce, to change, to disclose, to distribute for free or for payment or to send in a way which violates the intellectual property rights or these conditions, without Assurcard’s prior written consent.

As a user of the App, you grant Assurcard a transferrable, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide, free user right on all the intellectual property rights on the information you create by using the app, for the whole duration of the respective rights and for all possible means of exploitation.

4. Protection of personal data


Upon downloading the App you grant Assurcard your unambiguous and informed consent to have your personal data used, collected and processed in accordance with these conditions as described in the Privacy Act, which is the Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data (“Privacy Act”). You also guarantee and warrant for the third parties you represent and for whom you wish to use the App that Assurcard can use, collect and process the personal data.

This privacy declaration applies to all the functions of the App. This privacy declaration does however not apply to any other use of the physical card or identifications numbers of the insurer or the digitalised card via the App, on which another privacy declaration could apply as determined by that specific insurer.

As a user, you have a legal and free right to inspect and, if needed, correct or delete any errors in your personal data or the personal data of people you legally represent as described in the end user terms and conditions. On production of a proof of identity (copy of ID-card) you can send a written, dated and signed request to Assurcard via e-mail to

Using, collecting and processing of personal data

Assurcard can or will use the App to collect, use and process certain personal data in order to transfer the physical card or the identification numbers of the insurer into a digitalised card and have the App used for its purpose. It concerns the following personal data: first name, family

name, date of birth, name of the company, card number and other items which appear on the physical card or via the identification numbers of the insurer which will give you or the person you legally represent access to the third-party payment system.

As a user you guarantee that the details you communicate and the physical card or identification numbers of the insurer that you use are correct and complete and that you use valid means of identification to this end. Communicating false identities, incomplete or incorrect details, as well as details belonging to a third party who did not give a valid authorisation, can lead to you, as a user, being temporarily, or definitively, refused any access, wholly or partly, to the App and that you are made liable for any damages which may arise by such an incorrect communication or use and that you safeguard Assurcard for this.

Assurcard collects, uses and processes personal data to:

  • be able to identify you or the person you represent as a user and to be able to use the App in all its functionalities;
  • allow you to initialise the third-party payment system yourself and as such have implemented the agreement concerning this between the visitor/user and the insurer;
  • improve the App and the offer;
  • inform you as a user about the activities and the evolution of the App.

Assurcard will only store and use the above-mentioned personal data for as long as this can be useful for the use of the third-party payment system.


Assurcard acts as the responsible party for the processing of your personal data in so far as it is limited to the use of the App, i.e. the digitising of physical cards or the identification numbers of the insurer in digital cards. Assurcard commits, to the best of their ability, to take all reasonable measures in order to protect your personal data as a user or of the persons you represent and this via technical safety regulation and an adequate safety policy towards its employees. The personal data supplied by you via the App do not remain stored on the internet, but can be stored on the servers in Belgium or the Netherlands which Assurcard uses for the functioning of the App. You recognise, accept and realise, for yourself and for the persons you represent, that the use of the App is never without risks and that the damage you, or the persons you represent, could incur, by the unlawful use of your personal data, can never be sought to recover from Assurcard.

In case of irregular or unlawful behaviour of a user, the personal data of that user can be given to the competent (legal) authority as well as the information or details which this user used via the App, even if it concerns third party personal data.

5. Liability

Scanning physical cards, manually entering any details by yourself, using the cards that have been digitalised via the App and the use of third-party payment system linked to it, is done solely at your own risk as visitor of the App.

Assurcard is not liable for:

  • the use you make of the App and which cards you digitise with it;
  • the further use of the result of the App, i.e. the digitised card;
  • the correct or incorrect use of the third-party payment system.

Although Assurcard strives for a careful checking of the App and its operation, the App and the information contained within are put at the user’s disposal without any guarantee concerning the operation, quality, accuracy, regularity, legality and/or safety. As far as the law allows, Assurcard cannot be held liable for any errors made by itself, its employees or its trustees, except when it concerns fraud, intentional or serious misconduct. In any case, the liability of Assurcard vis-à-vis visitors of the App or any third party, even in case of serious misconduct, is limited to an amount of 2,500 Euro.

Moreover Assurcard cannot be held liable in any case to reimburse:

  • unforeseeable, indirect, accidental or immaterial damage, including, (but not limited to) loss of income, damage by loss of data or damage by transfer of viruses, despite any safety measures;
  • damage to computer hardware or goods that are not part of using the App;
  • damages caused by force majeure;
  • damage resulting from the interrupted or insufficient access to or security of this App.

As a visitor you acknowledge and guarantee you have the necessary rights to use the App and to agree with these conditions and you indemnify Assurcard for all the damages which could occur as a result of a(n) (alleged) violation of the rights of third parties in this connection.

Assurcard reserves the right to, at any given moment, and without prior notification, and without any liability to complete, delete, improve, or change in any other way, any part of the information contained within the App, or deny, refuse or hinder a user’s access to, or use of the App.

6. Disputes

By granting yourself access to the App, as a user you agree that all matters between you and Assurcard in connection to this App will be exclusively regulated by Belgian Law.

Any dispute in connection to this App will fall under the exclusive authority of the Courts of Leuven or Antwerp in the district of Antwerp for intellectual property.

7. Contact

If you have questions or remarks about these conditions, please contact Assurcard via